Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Toughest Writing Assignment

Today I had the toughest writing assignment.  I wrote an obituary for my father.  It is tough to sum someone’s life up in only a few lines.  Following some guidelines I found, here is what I put together.

Cliff Mosher 9/20/1938-11/27/2013

Cliff Mosher, 75, of Denver, Colorado died on 11/27/2013. A Colorado native, he graduated from South High School.  As an employee of Martin Marietta, he was proudest of his work on the Voyager, Viking, and Space Shuttle programs.  He enjoyed skiing, golfing and tennis. His sons, Todd Mosher and Jason Mosher, his former wife, Joyce Mosher, sister, Esther Delurgio, and five grandchildren survive him. A Life Celebration event was held on January 25,2014.

In addition my father didn’t want a funeral, but instead wanted a party (I think I agree with him on that for my final event).  So last night we held a Life Celebration event at Raccoon Creek Golf Course where he was once a member.  Joined by approximately 75 family and friends we celebrated his life by doing three things he enjoyed doing the most, eating, drinking and dancing.  I think he was enjoying watching us from up above.  As a lead-in to a toast of his life, I created the following photo tribute with contributions from my aunt, photos found at my parent’s houses, and photos from my Dad’s friends Bonnie and Cheryl.  It is better than any words I have written as photos and music tell a better story that any text I have created.