Friday, January 21, 2011

Rock Body?

If you read my December 16, 2010 post, I have made a vow to get in the best shape of my life.  Of course to benchmark that I need to remember what was my previous best shape?  Like many of us that was probably college or high school (although riding a bike all over Stockholm in the summer of 1995 while on a Swedish diet could be close).  Back then I was skinny so I know that means I need to lose some weight (I am targeting 10 lbs).  But with that younger version of myself also came less strength so a part of getting in my best shape is stronger, not just thinner.

To get that best shape won’t be easy.  Signing up for the Lavaman Triathlon and training with Team in Training, which I did in December, is probably not enough. It is recommended by our Team in Training coaches that we mix in weight training twice a week as a part of our triathlon training.  However, instead of doing the weight training, I have substituted fitness kickboxing at The Rock Martial Arts and Fitness Gym (  I am now in the second week of the Rock Body Challenge (RBC), a “10 week challenge to not only strive for a physical transformation, but quite possibly find yourself in the best shape of your entire life.”  Looks like that aligns well with my goal so now the question is can I balance the RBC, my triathlon training, my professional life and make sure my family remembers my name?  Stay tuned as I update my progress regularly here at Aloha Fridays.

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