Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finishing 2011 on a Cold Note

I ended my 2011 getting out of bed at 7 AM on a Saturday and going for a run on a cold and very windy day here in Colorado.  Yet it is hard to think of a better way to finish the year.  Although I was glad to be done after getting my 5K in, it is good to finish 2011 healthy and outdoors.

It also gave me an opportunity to score a personal victory, after spending my September chasing women ( and  I started by beating my youngest daughter, who wouldn’t even get out of bed to join me for my run this morning. I then beat my oldest daughter on the trail, although she said the reason she was running backwards for part of the time was about some sort of workout her coach told her to do.

Sadly the third woman I chase is on the disabled list.  It looks like she tore her ACL playing indoor soccer earlier in the week leaving her hobbled for a while.  However, since it was 22 years ago today she accepted my marriage proposal, and I have been chasing her ever since, I am sure she will be back to leaving me behind before you know it.

The great part about this morning run is my daughter and I weren’t alone, but instead 50 other crazy runners joined us.  Every Saturday, the Boulder Running Company (BRC) organizes “Tony’s Run” for the fact it starts in front of Tony’s Market.  BRC is really more of a community than just a running store.  I feel fortunate that in 2012 I am going to get to be even more a part of that community, but that is a story for 2012.

So to close 2011, I hope any of you that take the time to read this also can find the time to give me feedback.  This will help me to really make this blog grow into maybe a little more than just my words on the Internet, but maybe a community.  God’s peace, and I wish a happy New Year to all of you and yours.  Aloha!

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