Thursday, March 3, 2011


If you check back on my January 23 post (“Master Schedule”) you will see that Wednesdays always were a two-workout day, but with three possible non-conflicting workouts it also could be a 3-A-Day.  So with my triathlon, the Lavaman, only a month out and this being the time to push my training a little harder I took on this ambitious set of three workouts.

It started at 6 AM with my Rock fitness class.  These generally mix a little bit of P-90 X type of exercises with whatever else the instructor comes up with that morning (if you go to one of Cherianne’s classes you would understand what I am talking about).  Today’s class mixed work with exercise bands, kicks and punches on the bag, sprint and jogging along with some dips and arm bicep work.  After a pretty hard track workout Tuesday night, my legs were crying, but I pulled through.

Then at 6:45 PM I headed to kickboxing.  However, with the large crowds we get at The Rock, you don’t just work on the bag, but you also get the “opportunity” to do a lot of work off the bag.  Since the Rock Body Challenge is entering it’s final weeks, we pushed it there with probably tougher work off the bag, as on it, and not a lot of rest.  The exhaustion continued which meant that with swimming next I had a good chance of drowning.

So at 8 PM it was into the pool.  Again since the Lavaman is a month away, all of the triathlon workouts are a part of our “peak” or hardest phase.  This meant after a set of drills we headed into a tough set of sprints followed by longer lengths (2 X 100 m building to a 150 m, to a 200 m) with little rest between the next set.  By this point I am fighting a nice set of leg cramps and toe cramps.  How in the heck do you get toe cramps?  Anyhow I fought through it all, but I am not sure if I am going to repeat this 3-A-Day fun again.

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