Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mama's Boy

Growing up, it is hard to hear on the playground that “you are such a mama’s boy.”  But today I feel a little different about that and let me explain why. 

With my Lavaman Triathlon about a month out, I have been making a big final push to make my fundraising goal of $5,000.  Of course my retired mother asks how she can help and even promises to “try to make up the difference.”  Well that is way too much to ask, so my Mom who is not easily discouraged, turns to a new strategy.  She heads down into her basement where she finds a treasure she thinks might help out.

Now my Mom’s basement has a lot of things that might be regarded as “treasure.”  If we ever could convince her, we might have one heck of a garage sale.  But what she found was easy to translate into a donation, a jar of coins.  So with the jar in tow she heads to the bank to cash out, but when she is there the teller alertly tells her that some of the coins are pretty old and might be valuable.  Next stop a coin dealership and low and behold the jar of coins yields a donation of $375.

The jar of coins from the basement now makes my Mom my biggest donor and has helped me to cross 82% of my fundraising goal.  Some days I would have resented being called a mama’s boy, but today I couldn’t be prouder.

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