Sunday, May 29, 2011

Next up Run Bolder

So my next event is tomorrow and I have just finished my carbo-loading spaghetti dinner.  For the fourth straight year, my wife and I are running the Bolder Boulder.  As far as my training goes, I am not in my best training shape (that was last year, but stomach issues ruined that finish) or at my worst (after all I just did an Olympic Triathlon at the start of April).  But how I am doing may not matter as much since this year they have changed the course.

The Bolder Boulder has had three finish lines over its history, but the same starting line until this year.  With the first real changes since 1981 when they started the Folsom Field finish, the course now starts further south and will run 1.35 miles before picking up the old course (see a map at  The biggest change is the course now starts with a slight incline instead of a downhill that encouraged rabbits like myself to go out too fast.  Most experts including Ewen North of Bold Running, the official training program of the Bolder Boulder think that will be better for recreational runners like me.

“This is actually a good thing because you will be more likely to hold back and go out a little more conservatively,” said North. “This strategy will help save energy for later in the race.”

The Bolder Boulder has always been best run as a negative split; running the second half faster than the first because the highest point is Casey Hill basically at Mile 4 so you can really pour it on in the downhill after that up until the final climb into the stadium.  If I complete this strategy it could also be a one in a million finish for me.

That is because this year somewhere in the middle of the pack (runner 20,801) will mark the millionth person to run the Bolder Boulder race.  This person will get Saucony shoes, a Michelob Ultra mountain bike, Native sunglasses and a free entry for next year’s race.  Since I have finished around the middle of the pack every year I have run, if I have a good race it could be especially rewarding.  So with that in mind I better go get ready for the race and a good night of sleep.

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