Friday, June 24, 2011

Losing My Balance

This blog is subtitled “seeking balance in the adventure of life” and I have officially lost my balance.  When I started this blog, I did it with five resolutions in mind.

  1. Write
  2. Get in the Best Shape of My Life
  3. Give Back
  4. Live Aloha
  5. Chase Dreams
Those resolutions were going to be used to guide me in finding balance between my professional and personal life, which I have done pretty well up until a month ago when I last posted.

Wipeout in Waikiki: Author losing his balance while surfing over Christmas

That is, when as this photo shows, I fell off my board and lost my balance.  Less metaphorically that is when I stopped writing, begun to barely exercise (softball twice a week is not much of a triathlon training program), stopped helping as a Team in Training captain, and begun spending less time with my family.  I may have partially been fulfilling the fifth resolution of chasing dreams since all I have virtually been doing is working on the Dream Chaser program.  Yet I have found myself to not perform as well at work when it becomes all-consuming like it has.

But just like I got back on that surfboard after almost colliding with that other surfer, so by starting to write again (while taking up my other resolutions), I am going to try to get my balance back.  It is maybe going to take some new approaches, which I will share here, so follow along to see if I am headed for another wipeout.

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