Sunday, June 26, 2011

Start with a New Title?

In an effort to regain my balance, a funny thing happened along the way.  Last week I found out I was a finalist for the Jamba Juice Ambassador of Wow contest.  Now what does that mouthful mean?  Well after submitting essays on what I am passionate about and why I would like an ambassador I was chosen as one of 25 local ambassadors that had the opportunity to be voted a one of two national ambassadors.  There are four rounds of this (I am in round 3) to pick 8 ambassadors overall.  So now I will have to use my writing and social media skills to try and generate the most votes.

So like a politician I have to now answer the question, why vote for me?  Here I will borrow from my essays that helped me make it to this first step. I am passionate about three things: my family, my fitness and the future. Let me explain those three “F’s” further. The title I am probably proudest of is father and with my wife of twenty years we have three wonderful children. Together we live a very active lifestyle going on exciting vacations and keeping physically fit. Jamba Juice is a natural part of that and as an Ambassador of Wow I would promote a healthy family lifestyle that is important to my family and should be to others with the significant obesity in the United States. To be a good example for my kids I am also very active competing in triathlons, half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, playing softball, and riding my stand-up paddleboard. I believe eating right and keeping physical fit is important and Jamba Juice helps. Finally I am passionate about the future as I am currently leading the design of a replacement for the Space Shuttle called Dream Chaser. I would use my position as an Ambassador of Wow to talk about the future and why I feel it is so exciting.

So if selected what would I do with this title.  Well I had to think about that too when entering the contest.  As an Ambassador of Wow I would have a unique platform to promote the idea of families staying healthy together through good eating habits and staying active physically. I would also promote the unique space project, the Dream Chaser, I am leading the design of (packed with Wow!) and it’s importance to the United States future in space. The three causes of family, fitness and future all tie in nicely with the Jamba Juice brand of a place for the whole family to enjoy, that promotes fitness, and the unique angle I bring, a company that cares about the future. Currently I am active on Facebook and I have my own blog (Aloha Fridays which ties in nicely with my favorite Jamba flavor Aloha Pineapple) so I would use these mediums to share the Ambassador of Wow messages while expanding into other social media outlets like Twitter and You Tube.

So with that all being said, voting is from June 22 to July 5 so please vote for me daily at as I need all of the help I can get.

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