Monday, October 22, 2012

The Happiest I Have Run

One of the highlights of 2012 is representing the Boulder Running Company as a member of Team BRC (  When I was selected at the end of 2011, it was a bit of a surprise because I don’t spend a lot of time on podiums or winning a lot of race medals (although many of my teammates do).  In fact running has often been a struggle for me because as a shirt I bought for my daughter who runs cross-country says, “my sport is your sport’s punishment.”  Running was always something growing up you did after practice when the coach was angry about your performance.  Also since I generally played sprint sports like soccer, baseball, basketball and the like, running long distances was not something I generally did (unless I was really in trouble).  I wasn’t too slow getting up and down the field or court or running to first base, but I am not the fastest runner over long distances.

Despite the fact that it is not something that has come easy for me, this year I have learned to embrace the Team BRC sponsor’s slogan “Run Happy”.  Perhaps it is because as a member of Team BRC I get fully outfitted in Brooks gear from head to toe that the slogan has rubbed off on me, but this season of running has been my happiest yet.  Now I don’t run because of punishment after practice, but for the health benefits it gives my family and I.  In fact some of the best events of the year have been when the whole family has participated, even if some are just walking with the dog.

The Moshers Before Home Run for the Homeless
The other reason I am running happier is because I am now a part of a running community.  The Boulder Running Company is not just my favorite store to buy shoes, but through the various organized free runs (Saturday morning’s Tony’s Run is my favorite) and boot camp classes, as well as special in-store events, you see the same folks every week including my Team BRC teammates.

The main obligations of serving on the team are racing 8 events in Team BRC Brooks apparel, volunteering at five events, coming to two run clubs a month, and actively documenting while representing BRC and Brooks in a positive way.  I have fulfilled most of these obligations already with my eight races being the Runnin of the Green 7K (March), Cherry Creek Sneak 5K (April), Run for Remembrance 5K (May), Home Run for the Homeless 5K (May), Bolder Boulder 10K (May), Naked Foot 5K (July), Fans on the Field 10K (September) and Das Hustlehoff 5K (September).  Since I am winding down on races, I will be a regular at the Tony’s Run on Saturday mornings the rest of the year.

Running happier also appears to result in running better.  This year I have run my fastest 5K and 10K times in the past 7 years since I started actively running.  I still am a long way from visiting the podium, especially in running and fitness crazy Colorado, but in the battle for the “PR”, or personal record, I am winning.

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