Thursday, December 16, 2010

29. Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

In the September issue of Outside magazine, they published The Life List which is “51 dream trips, daring quests, essential skills and exalted states of body and mind.”  They said they published this list “because you really can do it all.”  While many of these like 29. and  40. raise $2,500 for a cause (which I will discuss in my next post) are within my reach, I think it will be a while before  5. Become a bush pilot or 12. Talk to a wild panda, make my list.

Plus this item should be something I can do while keeping balance between the other aspects of my life.  With a regular weekly fitness habit (I have worked out once a week or more every week this year, but one before an October lapse), I am not out of shape, but that still does not leave me in my best shape.  Towards that end I signed up in November to train for a triathlon with the Team in Training program.  While not my first triathlon, or I hope not my last, I do feel that this time with 29. as my guideline I want to do more than finish.

However, I learned yesterday that you can’t get in the best shape of your life in one day, although I tried.  I started with my first ski day of the year at Breckenridge, which had some of the best December snow it has had in years.  I then followed that up with a kickboxing class and a Team in Training swim workout.  Although today I can walk, pacing which is always a struggle for me, is something I need to consider as I pursue this goal.  So you will see a lot in this blog on finding balance in my training, sharing tips, as well as trips, I make along the way.

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