Sunday, December 5, 2010

Call to Adventure

To start this blog, I asked what it would be about and came up with the following description:

Seeking balance in the adventure of life

So let me break that down a little.  My personality is that I often have the “propensity to overemphasize work life to the detriment of home life.”  In fact when reading about my personality in the outstanding book “Do What You Are” by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger the final weakness of my personality type states that exactly.  Thus I will spend many a blog post trying to address that work-life balance that so many of us busy professionals with a marriage and family struggle to achieve.

“Adventure” according to Wikipedia is “an activity that is perceived to involve risk, danger or exciting experiences.”  That pretty much sums up life to me, but most often these days adventure is associated with extreme sports.  For example climbing a 14er or skiing a double black diamond a few of the many activities available in Colorado where I live would be considered adventuresome.  In posts that will follow I certainly will talk about adventures such as these, but everyday life can involve adventures that don’t require a trip to REI.

I consider raising children and staying married (now for 20 years) to be some of life’s biggest adventures so you will find this blog covering these topics as well. While to the single outdoor types these may seem mundane, they in fact can be every bit as harrowing as a steep cliff drop off or car-sized moguls in your path.

So welcome everyone to start of my latest adventure writing a blog.  Adventures are always more fun with friends so I hope you will come along for the journey.

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