Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Title?

Author of the Year, Sports Editor, Rocket Scientist, Professor, Triathlete, Dream Chaser Program Manager….

All titles from my past to my present, but the one I keep coming back to is that first one earned in third grade “Author of the Year.”  I have always been drawn to writing whether as a young elementary student to my days as the sports editor of the Columbine Courier in high school to Sigma Chi Chapter Editor during my college days to Colorado Daily sports columnist in graduate school to a college professor writing professional papers and now writing proposals for the replacement for the Space Shuttle.  Thing is I have shown a little talent to follow up that initial award, earning the honor of Top Colorado High School Sports Story from the Colorado Women’s Press Association, a national fraternal award for chapter publications, and a year ago helping win $20 Million dollars from the first round of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development program.

Writing proposals, while often much more rewarding, is not the same as seeing your name in print, physically or on-line.  That is why I have craved getting back to those early days as an author and writing a book.  While having plenty of ideas for both fiction and non-fiction works, I have not had the time and the commitment to realize those best sellers.

So this past summer as a part of a goal setting exercise, I set a goal to blog and now what you have is Aloha Fridays.  Sure it is not a book, but these days it is not that uncommon for a blogger to land a book contract.  I mean if icanhascheezburger.com, which collects pictures of cats with kooky captions, can become a book and make the Top 50 of USA Today’s Best Selling books in 2008 then surely with continued improvement on alohafridays.net my book contract can’t be too far away can it?

For now I may have to settle for blogger as a new title, but maybe soon I will get back to being an author again.

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